April 2013

Cancer Clinics Turn Away Medicare Patients; and House Republicans Refuse to Act to Eliminate Big ObamaCare Tax

WaPo: Cancer Clinics Turning Away Thousands of Medicare Patients. Blame the Sequester RollCall: McConnell’s Obamacare Tax Repeal Stalls In House

Saber Rattling Continues – NoKo Says ‘Moment of Explosion is Near,’ US Activates Star Wars Missile Defense Shield and Promises Regime Change If Attacked

All the latest on North Korea’s nuclear threats to the United States: DailyMail:  ‘The Moment of Explosion is Near’: North Korean Madman’s New Warning  CNN: Amid Pyongyang Bluster, Real Fear of a Missile Launch FreeBeacon: US Activates Star Wars Missile Defense Shield TheHill: White House to NoKo: ‘Choose the Path of Peace’ WT: U.S. to […]

Yoo – How John Brennan is Harming the CIA

NR: Yoo – Damage at the CIA John Yoo explains the last national security kerfluffle at the CIA – the Obama administration’s politicization of the agency.

Liberal Columnist – Obama Proving Inept at ObamaCare

Time: Joe Klein: Early ObamaCare Incompetence Not A Good Sign Liberal columnist Joe Klein blasts the Obama administration for its failure to set up SHOP exchanges for small businesses once claimed to be central to the Affordable Care Act. “This is a really bad sign,” Klein writes. “There will be those who argue that it’s […]

North Korea Threatens Nuke Strikes on Washington, San Diego, and Austin

AFP: NoKo Approves Nuclear Strike on US CBS: Enhanced Pics Show Targets in Washington DC, San Diego, and Austin, TX CSM: Just How Crazy is Kim Jong-un? BBC: US Moves Missile Defense to Guam to Counter NoKo Breitbart: Russia ‘Worried’ Over Explosive NoKo Situation

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