Sun Aug 9, 2015 AT 6:59 PM EDT

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is in and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is out of Fox News’ Republican debate on Thursday night in Cleveland, the NY Times reported on Tuesday, resolving the drama of which lower-polling candidates would make the cut for the first  2016 presidential debate. Donald Trump, this summer’s insurgent candidate, will take center stage.


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USA Today: Apple Stock Implosion Shreds $113 Billion

Politico: Is Jeb Bush Turning Into Michael Dukakis?

Mon Aug 3, 2015 AT 2:12 PM EDT

Politico reports Sen. Chuck Schumer is getting it 8 ways from Sunday from opponents of the Iran deal. More than 10,000 phone calls in two weeks and seven figures in TV ads later and Schumer’s feeling squeezed, staring down the barrel of the most precarious vote of his political career.

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The Hill: Huckabee: ‘We Got Nothing’ From Iran Deal

Breitbart: U.S. to Issue More Green Cards in Next 10 Years Than Populations of Iowa, N.H. and S.C. Combined

WaPo: Charles Koch Invokes Fight for Civil Rights as Model for Political Activism

NYT: Bush’s Camp Counts Blessings of Trump’s Surge in GOP Polls


Mon Aug 3, 2015 AT 11:55 AM EDT

After a week away from the campaign trail, Politico reports Jeb Bush will hunker down this weekend  in Miami with top advisers for what aides described as “intense debate preparation” — paring his renowned policy wonkishness into sharper, cleaner responses that fit the first debate’s 90-second time limit. Trump, for his part, tweeted Wednesday that he’s heading to his Turnberry, Scotland, resort, which is hosting the Women’s British Open — no word on when or if he’s prepping for Thursday night’s debate. “I am what I am,” he said Tuesday.

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