October 2013

NSA Spied on the Pope and May Have Tapped Your Email

The NSA spied on Pope Francis and other cardinals during the Vatican conclave to choose the new pope, reports the Telegraph. The NSA quickly denied the report, according to Reuters. Closer to home, the Huffington Post reports the NSA has secretly tapped the main communication lines of Yahoo and Google, spying on millions of records, […]

NSA Contradicts Obama, Says WH Knew About Spying on Friendly Foreign Leaders

The nation’s top spy and other intelligence officials said Tuesday that the White House and State Department each knew and signed off on NSA surveillance targeting leaders of foreign allies, reports the Los Angeles Times and New York Times, contradicting claims of complete ignorance by President Obama. But not so fast on the outrage Europe, […]

Obama Knew Millions Would Lose Health Insurance

President Obama promised over and over again that “if you like your health insurance, you can keep it,” but NBC News reports he had to know it was likely that millions of Americans would lose their health insurance once ObamaCare mandates kicked in. After speaking with four experts, NBC estimated between 7 to nearly 11 […]

Benghazi was Planned, Sophisticated Attack by Al-Qaeda

The attack on Benghazi was no random act of violence by a rag-tag collection of Libyan misfits, reports Lara Logan on 60 Minutes. Instead, it was a planned and sophisticated attack by al-Qaeda.

Silicon Valley Turned Away from ObamaCare Website Design

Salesforce.com offered to design the ObamaCare website “for a fraction” of the price and, if they had, founder and CEO Marc Benioff, says, “it would have been working perfectly,” reports Politico. But the help was turned away. Politico details how federal IT contracting is a massive fail. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times reports on ObamaCare […]

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