July 2015

How Planned Parenthood Could Shut Down the Federal Government

Sen. Rand Paul believes Republicans have 58 votes in the Senate to defund Planned Parenthood. That’s not enough to break a filibuster, and, as a result, Politico reports it may lead to a government shutdown led by Sen. Ted Cruz. Daily Caller: Hannity – 9 More Planned Parenthood Videos Ready for Distribution Politico: Hillary’s Close […]

Kochs Stiff-Arm Trump; Senate Fast-Tracks Planned Parenthood Defending

Donald Trump and David Koch are personal friends but far from political allies.Politico reports the Koch brothers are stiff-arming Trump efforts to raise money and build voter databases viewed as crucial to keeping his current lead in the polls for the Republican nomination. Special: This Little-Known Website Can Erase $100,000 of Debt HuffPo: Senate GOP Fast-Tracks Bill to […]

Jeb Attacks Trump, Is Hillary Finished?

Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush may not have mentioned Trump by name at a Monday rally in Florida, but the AP reports his target was clear when he told voters to reject a “crazy message of hate” he saw in the campaign. The Hill: Cornyn – Senate to Vote on Defunding Planned Parenthood Politico: Jon […]

Huckabee’s Shocking Comments on Obama and Israel, US-Turkey Plan for ISIS

Turkey and the United States have agreed on a plan to fight ISIS – work together to rout ISIS fighters out of a 60-mile strip of Syria to create an ISIS-free buffer zone, reports the NY Times.  ABC: Huckabee – Obama Marching Israel to ‘Door of the Oven’ The Hill: Senate Blocks Cruz Push to […]

Hillary May Face Criminal Probe Over Emails from Feds

The Justice Department has been asked by two inspectors general from the State Department to open a criminal probe of Hillary Clinton’s use of private email during her tenure as Secretary of State, Newsmax reports. NYT: Obamacare Causes Another Mega Health Insurance Merger The Hill: House Republicans – Defund Planned Parenthood Now ABC: Iran Offered […]

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