February 2016

GOP Frenzy to Derail Trump Before Super Tuesday; Trump and Clinton in Big Lead

In the excitement leading up to Super Tuesday primaries, Donald Trump’s rivals are scrambling in an attempt to prevent him from  becoming an “unstoppable” force, as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio attack his character, reports AP. Politico: Poll: Trump, Clinton Lead Big Ahead of Super Tuesday The Hill: Rubio Attacks Trump’s Short Fingers AP: Clinton Allies Shift Attention […]

Rubio Renews Trump Attacks After Debate

Marco Rubio continued his intensive verbal assault on Donald Trump Friday morning as his allies prepared to spend millions on new attack ads in key states, reports AP. Politico: Insiders: Donald Trump Is the Likely GOP Nominee WashExaminer: Graham: No Senator Would Convict Ted Cruz’s Killer WashTimes: Hillary Clinton Vows Tougher Gun Laws NYTimes: Obama Administration Set to Expand […]

Rubio Goes on Trump Attack Before Debate; Rick Scott as Trump VP?

Thursday night’s crucial debate in Houston, Texas, takes place just a few days before 11 states hold GOP elections, spurring Marco Rubio Wednesday night to reverse his strategy and start attacking front-runner Donald Trump by name, reports NBC. Meanwhile, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said in an email to supporters that the success of Trump, Ted Cruz and even […]

Trump’s Big Win Frustrates Establishment GOP Figures

Donald Trump’s big win in the Nevada caucuses Tuesday (his third win out of four contests thus far) left establishment GOP rivals frustrated as he taunted them and proclaimed that his Republican nomination was practically inevitable, reports Politico. The Hill: Trump Won With Nevada Hispanics Breitbart: Glenn Beck Calls Trump Supporters ‘Brown Shirts’ after Trump Crashes […]

Establishment GOP Scrambles to Support Rubio; Trump Would Prosecute Hillary

As the next wave of primaries approach, establishment GOP figures both major and minor are scurrying to endorse Marco Rubio in their hope he can stop Donald Trump’s juggernaut as it heads for the presidential nomination, reports the Hill. WashTimes: Ted Cruz Toughens Immigration Stance, Says He’d Deport All Illegals WashExaminer: Trump: As President, I Would Prosecute Clinton […]

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