December 2021

Trump Accuses Jan. 6 Panel of ‘Seeking Evidence of Criminal Activity’

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team on Wednesday accused the House committee investigating the Capitol riot of seeking to uncover evidence that would support a criminal referral against him. Why it matters: The brief asked the Supreme Court to consider committee Chair Bennie Thompson’s, D-Miss., interview with The Washington Post as part of its effort to block the […]

House GOP Huddle to Draft Policies on Biggest Issues

Republicans see an opportunity to set a governing agenda to contrast with what they say is an increasingly rudderless Democratic-run Washington, but the effort has not yet coalesced. They are still hammering out the details of what is intended to be a broad-based platform, lawmakers leading the effort told The Washington Times. House Minority Leader Kevin […]

Biden Economy Will Crush Democrats in 2022

While ancillary issues like cancel culture and critical race theory further the divide between Democratic elites and American voters — and, indeed, electability — the top issue in 2022 has always been and will continue to be the economy.  Pocketbook issues always matter most, especially now and regardless of the daily social media cycle. On that score, […]

Democrats Laugh Off Hillary Clinton 2024 Talk

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has been showing up — at conferences, on streaming services, on Twitter, and now in chatter over whether her party’s problems create an opening for another White House bid. But not everyone is convinced it’s her moment. Clinton, despite a long-fostered relationship of mutual distrust with the media, has made […]

Real Climate and Health Crisis

Climate policies promoted and imposed by Team Biden will be lethal for people and planet. They are based on junk science, headline-grabbing scare stories, and computer climate models that create far-fetched “scenarios” claiming fossil fuel use will cause Earth to warm by 4 degrees C (7 F) over the next 80 years, while a warming Arctic will bring […]

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