May 2023

GOP Says House Lawmakers Can Leave for Memorial Day Despite Debt Talks

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise informed lawmakers on Wednesday that they can leave Washington as scheduled on Thursday for the Memorial Day weekend — but that they should be prepared to return to the Capitol to vote on legislation to raise the debt limit with 24-hours ‘notice.  The House is scheduled to adjourn on Thursday and […]

Gaetz: Only Press Is Talking About Removing McCarthy Amid Debt Talks

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., is batting down suggestions that Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s efforts to find a compromise debt limit deal with President Joe Biden could endanger his speakership due to conservative frustration. “Literally nobody except the press is talking about removing McCarthy right now,” Gaetz wrote on Twitter.  Gaetz also released a statement saying he has “no plans” to try […]

House Passes Bill to Deport Immigrants Convicted of Assaulting Police

Illegal immigrants convicted of assaulting a police officer could be immediately deported from the country under a new bill the House passed Wednesday. The Protect Our Law Enforcement With Immigration Control and Enforcement Act would make it a deportable offense to assault law enforcement officers while they are conducting official business. All Republicans and 36 Democrats voted in favor of the […]

GOP Senators Call For Withdrawal of Biden Title IX Transgender Rules Change

A group of 22 Republican senators led by Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., called on the Biden administration on Monday to withdraw proposed rule changes to Title IX that could prevent states from enforcing bans on transgender athletes competing in sports that don’t correspond to their biological sex at birth. The Education Department’s proposed rule would allow schools to ban transgender students or nonbinary students […]

Republicans Make Last-Minute Effort to Address Border

House Republican leaders did some late-stage maneuvering to overcome GOP objections to portions of the party’s long-awaited border crackdown bill.  The Secure the Border Act would severely limit asylum, push border security measures, enact E-Verify rules, and initiate a study to evaluate drug cartels.  These efforts by lawmakers seek to address changes expected when the […]

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