An American Awakening

Thu Jul 5, 2018 AT 3:28 PM EDT

What a fascinating and momentous time we live in — a time that may well be remembered as an awakening of our great nation. President Trump, the catalyst, has changed the debate in this country on seemingly everything from identity politics and immigration to trade and foreign policy. Barack Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally transform” the United States, and did his best to carry out that promise to the detriment of the country. But it seems Trump could be the greater “transformative” president. All for the good—a transformation back to our constitutional and historical roots after almost a century of progressivism.

And he certainly is changing the Republican Party along with we’ve come to know as the “conservative movement.”

Critics will say that Trump is “not a conservative” and that he doesn’t have any governing philosophy but, as they have been with almost everything when it comes to Trump, the critics are wrong. Trump does indeed have a governing philosophy. It just isn’t the one we have been hearing from Republican leaders for the past 40 years—including everyone from Jack Kemp, Newt Gingrich, the Bushes, Paul Ryan, and all of the leading conservative think tanks, National ReviewThe Weekly Standard, and the rest… reports American Greatness

PJ Media: White Millennials Are Leaving the Democratic Party as ‘Walk Away’ Campaign Picks Up Steam

The Hill: Poll Says Trump’s Job Approval Numbers Among Independents Improving

The Washington Times: RNC to Focus on ‘Militant’ and ‘Extremist’ Democrats for Midterms

The Daily Caller: Trump Doubles Down, Demands Illegals Turned Away at Border

National Journal: Democrats Underperforming With Hispanic Voters

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