Asked if He Underestimated Putin, Biden Stares Vacantly

Thu Feb 24, 2022 AT 11:33 AM EST

It’s one of the most awkward twenty seconds ever captured on video in a disastrous administration that lurches from one awkward moment to another: When asked, “Do you think you may have underestimated Putin?,” Old Joe Biden first continued to stare in the general direction of the question, a slight smirk on his face, expression absolutely unchanged from what it had been before the question was asked. A few seconds later he turned his head to face the camera and, after a few more seconds, grinned sardonically. A few seconds later, he began picking his teeth with his thumbnail, and then grins a bit vacantly before the video mercifully runs out. Amid all the wrong choices, erroneous policies, abject failures, and stupid missteps of this disastrous administration, it was a trivial moment, but it was a telling one.

The length of the awkward situation is also odd. A White House aide can be heard saying “Thank you” several times at the beginning of the video, apparently shooing reporters out so they won’t ask Old Joe tough questions such as, “Did you underestimate Putin?” But they don’t manage to stop the video feed until we get to watch the old man stare vacantly into space and pick his teeth. Biden’s handlers are so weak and feckless that they can’t even competently provide the illusion that their man is in cool, confident command. Everyone can see it. Vladimir Putin can see it. Xi Jinping can see it. They and others are going to act upon what they see. Read Full Story

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