Cruz v. Perry, Palin v. Chris Christie, and Hillary v. Eliz Warren

Tue Nov 12, 2013 AT 6:00 AM EST

With just 27 months until the first presidential primaries, political reporters are salivating over the possibilities of intramural slugfests. Politico reports on growing Texas tension between Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Rick Perry. Just a year ago, Gov. Perry was concerned one of the most conservative candidates in a crowded field of Republican contenders for the presidential nod, by Sen. Cruz’s Texas allies paint Perry as an Establishment candidate. A similar tussle appears possible on the Democratic side. The New Republic’s Noam Schieber argues that Elizabeth Warren is Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare – a woman in power who speaks straight to the ideological hearts of big-government Democrats. Finally, Sarah Palin made waves of her own Monday morning, refusing to back NJ Gov. Chris Christie as a presidential candidate in a Today Show appearance and proclaiming, “There is no Ronald Reagan on the scene today.”

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