Flood of Political Violence Press Refuses to Cover

Tue Sep 27, 2022 AT 10:36 AM EDT

If we were to listen to the lectures from the media, we are on the cusp of an outbreak of violence set to explode from the right side of the political spectrum. 

President Joe Biden has enthusiastically pushed this agenda, positioning MAGA Nation as a violent faction orchestrating an uprising of democracy-threatening actions any day now. At Biden’s direction, “fascist” has become the left’s new knee-jerk accusation since “racist” has become a played-out charge. 

There is one disqualifier; the actual acts that we have recently seen that fall under this heading are emanating from the left. There have been numerous incidents of leftist political violence over the past year, yet — despite typifying the very promised outbreak of outrage — these are somehow not classified as dangerous, get explained away, or are outright ignored by the press. Read Full Story

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