Trump’s 2020 Opponent Advantage

Wed Nov 20, 2019 AT 10:26 AM EST

America is one year away from the most consequential and negative campaign most have seen. So important and virulent, it is worth taking stock of now. Both sides have great weaknesses, which present the other great opportunities. However, the greater opportunity is Donald Trump’s, so despite his seemingly perilous position, the election remains his to lose.

Next year’s race is important simply because it is a presidential one. Already the nation’s most powerful office, presidents of both parties are rapidly increasing its authority. The coming clash between divergent approaches over how a powerful presidency should be used heightens the election’s importance even more. 

The ideological contrast will also further increase the campaign’s virulence. Fresh from a divisive impeachment fight, the country will face an unusual contest in which both parties run toward their bases, rather than the center. It will accentuate stark differences between ideologies, economics, and policies. Read Full Story

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