Tue Nov 13, 2018 AT 2:29 PM EST

President Donald Trump and congressional leaders have sounded optimistic about their ability to strike a deal to rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure, but advisers to the White House warn that Democrats are trying to spring a gas tax trap on the president to sabotage his 2020 re-election bid.

Trump and congressional leaders emerged from the midterm elections, in which Democrats seized control of the House, saying a massive infrastructure program topped the list of issues where they could find common ground in a divided government.

Talk around Washington quickly turned to raising the federal gasoline tax as a go-to fountain of funding for roads, bridges and transit projects… Read More at The Washington Times

Mon Nov 12, 2018 AT 11:27 AM EST

Democrats went into last week’s election convinced that there were millions of untapped liberal voters who, with the right motivation, could be pushed to turn out and vote, creating the blue wave.

They found them, in places such as Florida, where a charismatic black Democrat managed to send midterm turnout soaring. Gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum received 1.2 million more votes than his predecessor on the Democratic ticket, 2014 nominee Charlie Crist.

The problem for Democrats was that Republicans kept pace, finding 1.2 million new voters in Florida as well.

Nearly the same thing happened in Georgia, where another high-profile Democrat, Stacey Abrams, bidding to be the nation’s first black female governor, found some 750,000 more votes than her predecessor in 2014. That would have been enough to win easily — except Brian Kemp boosted the Republican total by more than 620,000 votes compared with four years ago, putting him just over the automatic runoff threshold as of Sunday afternoon… Read More at The Washington Times

Fri Nov 2, 2018 AT 3:42 PM EST

Republicans believe their opposition to the migrant caravan filled with thousands of illegal immigrants who are approaching the U.S. border will help energize their base before the Nov. 6 midterm elections, while many Democrats have continued to remain silent on the issue.

The caravan, which was roughly 2,000 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border near Tijuana and about 800 miles from the southern tip of Texas as of Thursday, has been a key issue for Republicans less than one week out from the midterm elections, as GOP candidates have been hammering their Democratic opponents for not mentioning the potential threat to the U.S.

The Republican National Committee and Republican strategists have all echoed similar messages, saying the migrant caravan would indeed help the GOP before the midterm elections — many saying it reminds voters that Democrats are putting U.S. citizens in danger. They also mentioned how the silence from Democrats on the issue will end up helping Republicans, who have so vocally denounced the caravan entering the country… Read More at The Daily Caller

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