December 2015

US Intel: Terror Threats to Three Cities; Obama to Reveal New Gun Seller Curbs

Just before departing for his Hawaiian vacation, President Obama was briefed by U.S. intelligence on foreign terrorist threats against “soft targets” in Los Angeles, New York and Washington, D.C., where security will be tightened, reports the Washington Examiner. Politico: Obama Set to Unveil Curbs on Gun Sellers Reuters: Iran Says Any US Sanctions on Missiles Illegal WashTimes: China Preps […]

Carrier Harry S. Truman Has Close Call With Iranian Rockets

In a “live-fire exercise,” an Iranian navy ship fired a series of unguided rockets 1,500 yards from a number of vessels in international waters in the Strait of Hormuz, including the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman, NBC reports. AP: AP-NORC Poll: Religious Rights Most Vital For US Christians WashTimes: California Law Allowing Seizure of Guns Without […]

Trump Ramps Up Attack on Clintons; Poll: 75% in US Dissatisfied With Government

Donald Trump upheld and enlarged his attacks on the Clintons Tuesday, contending that Bill Clinton’s past infidelities were “fair game” for discussion if Hillary criticizes Trump’s views on women, Politico reports. AP: Calm Urged After Ohio Grand Jury Doesn’t Indict Officers CNN: Poll: Dissatisfaction, Anger Dominate Year-End Reviews of Washington Reuters: Database of 191 Million US Voters Exposed on Internet The Hill: Obama’s […]

Trump Blasts Hillary and Bill; Poll: Trump and Pope Francis Tie For World’s Second-Most Admired Man

Donald Trump on Sunday said Hillary Clinton was “playing the woman’s card” and leveraging her gender while declaring Bill Clinton to be “fair game” as the former president escalates his campaigning for his wife, reports CNN. Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee thinks Trump has a good chance of defeating Hillary, according to Politico. NBC: Kentucky’s Mall St. Matthews […]

Washington Post Pulls Cartoon of Cruz’ Daughters; Sy Hersh: US Military Undermined Obama

A Washington Post cartoon depicting Ted Cruz as an organ grinder and his daughters as two dancing monkeys elicited such a furor that the newspaper quickly removed it, replacing it with an editor’s note, reports Reuters. Democracy Now: Seymour Hersh: US Military Undermined Obama on Syria with Help to Assad Reuters: Iran Calls The New U.S. Visa […]

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