August 2015

Jindal – Trump to Fade After ‘Summer of Silliness’ and Hillary ‘One Email Away from Jail’

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal predicts Donald Trump’s run atop the Republican field is nearing the end. “I think after we get past the summer of silliness and insults,” he said on ABC’s ‘This Week,” I believe I am the candidate best able to do this job on the first day.” The Hill: Jindal – Hillary […]

Trump-Bush Feud Spans Decades; Hillary’s Plan to Ice Biden

The Donald Trump – Jeb Bush feud did not happen overnight. It’s a spat that was decades in the making. The Washington Post details the pair’s shared history. Politico: Hillary’s Plan to Ice Biden AP: Court – Illegal Immigrants Protected by Second Amendment NBC: Cruz-Trump Plan Joint Rally Against Iran Deal in Washington Next Month […]

Does Biden Know What’s in Hillary’s Emails? Trump Swearing Off Third Party Threat?

Speculation abounds on what has changed Vice President Joe Biden’s mind about running for president, but the most intriguing theory comes from The Atlantic: does Biden know something about Hillary that no one else does? WaPo: Possible Biden Run Puts Obama Fundraising Network on High Alert HuffPo: Trump Telling GOP Heavies He Will Forego Third-Party […]

Cooked Books on ISIS Intel?; Cruz Plots Shutdown Over Planned Parenthood

Military officials are under investigation for allegedly cooking the intel on ISIS “to provide a more optimistic account of progress,” reports the New York Times. The investigation, conducted by the Pentagon’s inspector general, comes after complaints from civilian analysts who suspected officials at U.S. Central Command of amending conclusions of intel reports prepared for President […]

Mystery Hero on French Train Revealed as American Professor in Paris

The fifth hero who helped disarm a terrorist on a Paris commuter train was revealed Monday. Professor Mark Moogalian, an American teaching at the University of Paris, was the first to notice the terrorist. He charged and was shot in the neck reports The Daily Mail. The gun shot gained the attention of other Americans, […]

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