December 2014

Gruber in 2009 – Obamacare Will Not Be Affordable

President Obama’s infamous heath care adviser is in the news again. This time, the Daily Caller reports Jon Gruber admitted in a policy brief in 2009 that Obamacare would not be affordable. And again, Gruber celebrates a fundamental dishonesty in the bill, “Why are we closer than we’ve ever been before? Because there are no […]

Alternate Theory, Sony Hack was “Laid Off Staff”

Was it North Korea or not? FBI agents investigating the Sony hack are now looking into a combination of former staff and piracy hackers as potential culprits, reports Politico. WSJ: Investing in the ObamaFund – Treasury Creates New Savings Plan W/o Vote of Congress DailyMail: NPR Withheld Obama Tehran Embassy Interview for 11 Days Politico: […]

Jeb Emerges as Front-runner, Obama Won’t Rule Out Embassy in Tehran

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush garners nearly one-quarter of Republican support in the race for the White House according to the latest CNN poll. With 23 percent, Bush is 10 points ahead of Chris Christie, his closet rival. NYT: In Battle to Defang ISIS, US Targets Its Psychology DailyMail: ISIS Has Executed 116 Foreign Fighters […]

Hackers Strike Back at North Korea

North Korea went even darker yesterday as a denial-of-service attack took the entire country offline, multiple outlets reported. While many suspected the U.S., experts believe the attack may have been carried out by non-government hackers, reports Politico.  WT: US Has Spent Billions Developing Cyber Warfare Weapons WSJ: The Best Way to Make a New Year’s […]

2 NY Cops Assassinated; Giuliani Defends de Blasio

A career criminal ambushed and assassinated two New York City Police officers this weekend, Newsmax reports. After the murders, tensions between police and Mayor Bill de Blasio boiled over, with officers turning their backs to the mayor in protest and claiming blood was on “his hands.” While critical of De Blasio’s policies, former Mayor Rudy […]

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