April 2015

Tom Cotton Challenges Iranian Minister’s Courage

Sen. Tom Cotton knows a coward when he sees one. On Wednesday, upon hearing that Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif disparaged him by name in public remarks in New York, Sen. Cotton challenged the Iranian to a debate. The Hill reports Cotton then added, on Twitter, that Zarif was unlikely to accept because of […]

Justice Kennedy Bats for Both Sides in Gay Marriage Hearing

All eyes were on Supreme Court swing-vote Justice Anthony Kennedy Tuesday as gay marriage came to the nation’s highest court. But, The Hill reports, Kennedy left everyone guessing after he asked questions favored by opposing sides of the argument. NYT: Gay Marriage Arguments Divide Supreme Court The Hill: Recusal for Justices Who Officiated Gay Weddings? […]

Baltimore Burns; Mom Hero for Chasing Rioting Son Home

Baltimore is in a state of emergency as officials attempt to quell riots in the wake of the funeral of Freddie Gray. Fox8 Baltimore reports at least 15 police officers have been injured. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan activated the National Guard and Freddie Gray’s family condemned the violence. Daily Mail: Baltimore Mom Busts Son Before […]

FBI Investigates ISIS Threat Inside the US

The FBI is tracking down a reported ISIS threat in the United States, according to CNN. In response, the Transportation Security Administration issued a classified warning. NYT: Russian Hackers Read Obama’s Unclassified Email WaPo: W. Pledges to Stay Away from Campaign Trail Politico: Conservatives Fear GOP Leaders Giving Up on Obamacare Repeal ABC: Climbers Caught […]

Republicans Debate Keeping Obamacare Subsidies Until 2017; Petraeus Probation

Congressional Republicans are fighting over their next steps on Obamacare, The Hill reports. While some insist  on root-and-branch repeal, others are arguing to extend Obamacare’s insurance subsidies until 2017. Daily Beast: Drone Strike Mistakenly Kills American Hostages of Al Qaeda NYT: US Often Unsure Who Will Die in Drone Strikes Politico: Petraeus Gets Probation for […]

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