February 2014

ObamaCare v. Medicare

The Weekly Standard’s Jeffery Anderson reports on the latest ObamaCare shenigans. Late last Friday, the Obama administration announced that long-anticipated cuts to Medicare would actually happen in 2015 after previous delays. Those cuts are scheduled to become evidence when Medicare’s open enrollment period beings on October 15 – less than a month from election day. […]

Hillary Opines on ObamaCare; Bringing Back the Wooly Mammoth

Hillary Clinton broke her long silence on ObamaCare Wednesday. She started by defending the law, saying we were “on the right track,” and continued by saying that she was open to “evidenced-based changes” in the program, reports Newsmax.   National Journal: Can ObamaCare Avoid a Consumer Rebellion? NBC: FBI Mole Who Met Bin Laden Killed […]

Obama Admits ObamaCare Causes Premiums to Rise for Small Business Workers

The Obama administration released a report last Friday conceding that ObamaCare will cause health insurance premiums to spike for two-thirds of Americans who work at small businesses, reports Ed Rogers in the Washington Post. As Rogers points out, that’s “a far cry from Obama’s 2008 campaign promise that families would see lower health insurance premiums […]

The Capture of a Modern Al Capone

Drug lord El Chapo was captured in an early morning raid in a non-descript apartment in Mexico with his beauty queen wife and twin toddlers. CBS reveals the inside details on how authorities used snitches and wiretaps to nab the king pin who some Chicago law enforcement officers are saying is as big as Al […]

War Inside al-Qaeda, Obama’s Pen-and-Phone Strategy on Trial at Supreme Court

President Obama’s “pen-and-a-phone” strategy of working around the legislative branch will be on trial today as the Supreme Court hears arguments challenging the EPA’s new rules on power plant emissions absent a clear act of Congress, reports Roll Call. The case could have far-reaching implications on separation of powers in the United States. DailyBeast: The […]

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