May 2015

PATRIOT Act Spying Programs on Death Watch

The PATRIOT Act expires at the end of May, reports Politico, and disputes in the Senate make it likely that its spying programs will as well. AP: Pelosi Predicts GOP Ruin with Obamacare Case NYT: Amtrak Blames Problems on Regulations CBS: How Technology Have Prevented Amtrak Derailment USA Today: Zuckerberg Gets Billion-Dollar Birthday Gift

Saudis Pledge to Match Iran Nuke for Nuke

On Wednesday, President Obama met with Arab leaders at the White House. Today, he’ll meet with them at a “summit” at Camp David. Saudi Arabia won’t be participating. But, to complicate matters, it has now vowed to match Iran nuclear program, reports the NY Times. WaPo: 10 Members of Congress Took Trip Secretly Funded by […]

Pakistani Paper IDs Informant on Bin Laden’s Location

Two days after Sy Hersh’s story on the Osama bin Laden raid, a Pakistani newspaper reports that intelligence officers in Pakistan have identified the military officer was informed the U.S. of Osama bin Laden’s location. Read the details here. Reuters: NoKo Executes Defense Chief for Falling Asleep at Meeting Roll Call: McCain Blasts “Paid-for Patriotism” […]

Pew Poll Shows Alarming Drop in American Christians

The latest from the Pew Research Center reveals that the Christian share of the population has declined sharply over the last eight years “while the number of U.S. adults who do not identify with any organized religion is growing.” See the full report here. Politico: US Officials Fuming Over Hersh Account of OBL Raid NBC: […]

Hersh Reports Obama Lied About Bin Laden Raid

Liberal muck-raking journalist Seymour Hersh claims he has evidence President Obama lied about the circumstances surrounding Osama bin Laden’s death. Hersh reports in the London Review of Books. WaPo: Quiet Nuke Deal with China Stokes Fears The Hill: Pressure Mounts as Congress Dives Into NSA Fight HuffPo: Sen. Ron Wyden Threatens Filibuster of NSA Bill […]

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