September 2021

What Press Is Leaving Out About Arizona Election Audit

The ethical corruption of our national news media has extended to a degree that once would have seemed unimaginable. We were exposed to yet another remarkable example with the reporting on the long-awaited audit of the 2020 presidential election results in Arizona. Widespread election fraud had been suspected in Maricopa County, the largest in the state, […]

Odds for Republican Takeover of Senate Keep Getting Better

Will President Joe Biden’s crashing approval ratings hurt Democrats’ chances of holding onto the Senate? It certainly looks that way right now. A poll from the Democrat-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP) early last month had Democrat incumbent Raphael Warnock up by a mere two points in a matchup against Trump-backed Herschel Walker, but a new CDMedia poll shows that […]

Where Did All of These Haitians Come From, Why Are They at the Border Now?

The recent surge in illegal immigrants, whose nationality has mainly been from Haiti, in Del Rio, Texas, has brought the border crisis back into the national spotlight, but it has many people asking how did these Haitians get to Del Rio and why now? For starters, a majority of the Haitians who illegally crossed into […]

The Excuse for Why Biden’s Activities Will Be Limited at UN General Assembly

President Joe Biden will speak to the UN General Assembly on Tuesday. If the past is any indication, the chances of a major blunder are high. Biden also tends to be more than a little petulant when things are not going well. As CBS’s Ed O’Keefe pointed out, nothing has gone well for the Biden […]

Who and What Is Tearing US Apart?

In Shanksville, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, former President George W. Bush’s theme was national unity — and how it has been lost over these past 20 years. “In the weeks and months following the 9/11 attacks,” said Bush, “I was proud to lead an amazing, resilient, united people. When it comes to the unity of America, […]

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