August 2014

Obama’s Stunning Statement on ISIS; Foley and Others Waterboarded by ISIS

After months of violence from ISIS and just a week after calling it a “cancer,” President Obama admitted yesterday, “We don’t have a strategy yet” for challenging ISIS at a regional level, reports the Daily Beast. WSJ: Obama Cools Talk of Strikes Against ISIS NYT: US Identifies More Americans Fighting for ISIS WaPo: ISIS Waterboarded […]

Russia Invades Ukraine Again; Al-Qaeda Mag Hints of Looming Attack

Ukraine officials have called for an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council after Russian troops seized a coastal town and several villages just across the Russian border, reports the Wall Street Journal. Fox: Al-Qaeda Mag Hints of Looming Attack, Urges Bombing of Las Vegas WaPo: Who is ‘Lady Al-Qaeda’? And Why Will ISIS Trade […]

Obama’s Plan to Skip Congress on Climate Change

Congress? What’s that? The NY Times reports the Obama administration is moving forward with a “sweeping international climate change agreement” that would force country to cut carbon emissions – and bypass Congress. Negotiators have set a target date for the agreement of 2015 at a U.N. summit meeting in Paris. CBS: Cellmate Describes Torture of […]

The NSA’s Google-Like Surveillance Machine and How It Shares with Law Enforcement

The NSA secretly shares intercepted communications data it collects on foreign targets and Americans who have not been accused on any wrongdoing with nearly two dozen federal agencies, reveals The Intercept. It does so through a “Google-like” search engine which allows federal agents to search nearly 900 billion records on meta-data – phone calls, emails, […]

Al Qaeda Releases Hostage; Gov’t Tracking Cellphones; and Jihadi John

An al-Qaeda linked group in Syria released hostage Peter Theo Curtis, a journalist from Massachusetts, less than a week after the videotaped execution of journalist James Foley, Newsmax reports. WaPo: 1984 – Gov’t Can Track Nearly Anyone with Cellphone GPS Daily Mail: The Descent of Jihadi John Daily Mail: Jihadi John’s Father in US Awaiting […]

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