March 2016

Poll: Trump Would Be Least-Popular Major-Party Nominee In Modern Times

Data garnered from Washington Post-ABC News polling reveals that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has an overall 67 percent unfavorable rating, making him more disliked than any major-party nominee in the 32 years the survey has tracked candidates, reports the Washington Post. Daily Mail: Carson and Christie Jump to Trump’s Defense Over Abortion Comments And Claim […]

Trump Campaign Manager Controversy Escalates; Poll: Most Americans Support Torture

The 2016 presidential race may have descended on Wisconsin — but most of the campaign and media buzz now surrounds a battery charge against Donald Trump’s campaign manager involving a month-old Florida incident, reports AP. Reuters: Most Americans Support Torture Against Terror Suspects – Poll AP: 3 Republicans In Race Won’t Say They’ll Back Nominee Breitbart: National Border Patrol […]

Poll: Half of American Voters Back Trump’s Muslim Ban

A new Morning Consult poll shows that 50 percent of all American voters support a temporary ban on all Muslims traveling to the US, with 71 percent of Republican voters supporting the ban, as well as 34 percent of likely Democratic voters and 49 percent of independents also did, reports The Hill. Daily Caller: Obama Admin […]

Trump Wants NATO Overhaul, Nuclear Armed Japan and S. Korea; Ryan Run in 2020?

Trump Wants NATO Overhaul, Nuclear Armed Japan and S. Korea; Ryan Run in 2020? Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Sunday called an overhaul of the 28-country NATO alliance, adding that he would consider allowing Japan and South Korea to build their own nuclear weapons, freeing America from the responsibility of protecting them from North Korea and […]

Republicans’ Confidence in Election Process Plummets; Beck: ‘No Real Christian’ Should Support Trump

Republicans’ confidence in the workings of the election process has dropped from 46 percent in January to just 30 percent in a Gallup survey released Friday, reports Politico. The Hill: Glenn Beck: ‘No Real Christian’ Should Support Trump Breitbart: Arab Intel Official: Islamic State Stepping Up Efforts to Carry Out Attacks In US, Russia WashTimes: Poll Shows Gary Johnson In […]

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