Repetitive Trump Attacks Losing Their Power

Tue Sep 18, 2018 AT 4:28 PM EDT

Anyone out there remember details from the infamous, anonymous New York Times op-ed? Anyone? It was just one in a long line of intense, coordinated, strategic attacks on President Trump and his administration which arrive like clockwork daily, and every other word is “chaos.”

Endless attacks are not without risk, though. They can backfire. They are short-lived. They can annoy a weary public already saturated with negative politics.

“Between the op-ed, the Bob Woodward book, hurricane season bearing down, and whatever media-induced scandal tomorrow brings in addition to the daily business of running the country — the White House has neither the time nor the resources to focus on this dishonorable act. Unfortunately, this whole op-ed saga has highlighted the irresponsibility of the writer and The New York Times for publishing it despite the fact it falls short of journalistic editorial standards,” Ford O’Connell, an adviser to the 2008 McCain presidential campaign and adjunct professor at the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management, tells Inside the Beltway… Reports The Washington Times

Washington Free Beacon: Ellison Accuser Says She Has Been ‘Smeared’ by Her Party

The Hill: RNC Internal Poll Finds GOP in Danger Due to Complacent Trump Voters: Report

Washington Examiner: Democrats Try to Ban the Pentagon’s New Nuclear Warhead

The Daily Caller: Trump Looking to Replace Russia as Europe’s Natural Gas Supplier

The Federalist: Botched New York Times Hit on Nikki Haley Marks Left’s Fear of Highly Competent Conservative Women

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