September 2019

Walmart’s New Guns and Ammo Policy Caves to People Who Will Never Shop at Walmart

(Dreamstime) On Tuesday, Walmart made a grandstanding announcement signaling a change in its policy on the sales of certain ammunition and legal open carry in its stores. This was a change the company originally said it was not going to make. Walmart executives are no doubt under the impression that this capitulation will satisfy at least some […]

May 2019

We’ve Heard Enough From Robert Mueller

(AP) The last thing the world needs is more of Robert Mueller’s commentary, but Congress is determined to have him hold forth at a public hearing. It’s not as though we don’t already have the special counsel’s version of events. He mustered enormous investigate resources and took two years to write a 400-page report that […]

April 2019

Barr Testimony Opens New Partisan Fight Over FBI Spying on Trump

Attorney General William Barr said Wednesday that he is reviewing whether U.S. officials improperly “spied” on members of the Trump campaign, a statement that prompted cheers from Republicans and gave Democrats new reasons to attack the top Justice Department official as a partisan steward of President Donald Trump. The Justice Department inspector general, Michael Horowitz, has already been […]

March 2019

Rand Paul: ‘Time for Congress to Investigate’ Obama

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said Wednesday that lawmakers should investigate former President Barack Obama, suggesting that he could have played a role in the years-long Russia investigation that concluded over the weekend. In a tweet, the senator suggested that Congress should probe the origins of the now-concluded special counsel investigation into Russian election interference and possible ties […]

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