Bolton Publishing Fracas Is Swamp Game That Needs to End

Wed Jun 17, 2020 AT 12:21 PM EDT

Having failed to knock President Donald Trump from office, former national security adviser John Bolton is working on a second swing at the president, this time with the release of his tell-all memoirs just ahead of elections.  

He’s running into interference from the White House, however, which is raising questions as to whether “public service” should always entitle an official to hold a policy sword over the president’s head or make a big bundle of cash.

The press is framing the issue as one of transparency, and Trump being a dictator. Bolton is using the controversy to gin up sales — everyone is now supposed to think there must be something really juicy inside, so buy the book.

The reality is, book publishing by people with high classified security clearances has always been a matter of contentious disputes.  Read Full Story

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