Speaker Pelosi’s ‘For the People Act’ Is Really for the Politicians

Tue Mar 2, 2021 AT 12:28 PM EST

H.R. 1, the “For the People Act,” is a blatant attempt by Speaker Pelosi and Democrats to concentrate power in the hands of the federal government and separate the American people from democracy. I led the charge against H.R. 1 last Congress, and I will continue to fight the passage of this unconstitutional bill.

One of the reasons I remain adamantly opposed to H.R. 1 is that it nationalizes bad election laws, stripping states of the right to run their own elections. It expands mail-in voting, removes the requirement for a witness signature on absentee ballots, and prohibits voter ID laws. It also allows residents to vote in any precinct and forces states to adopt same-day voter registration. This direct attack on our states will destroy the precinct system and make our elections more chaotic and less secure. Read Full Story

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