The 13 Republicans Who Saved Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Aren’t Martyrs

Thu Nov 18, 2021 AT 10:59 AM EST

When the House passed President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill on Nov. 5, Democrats got a new group of Republicans to lionize. The 13 GOP members of the House who bucked their party to vote in favor of the bill and enable it to pass by a 228-206 margin were elevated that day from the status of anti-democratic “insurrectionists” — as Democrats term virtually all Republicans these days — to that of heroes and martyrs.

In addition to the 18 Senate Republicans who voted likewise, the 13 in the House who voted for the $1 trillion bill, which Biden signed this week, gave the Democrats their first victory after a string of policy failures and the red wave in the off-year elections in Virginia and New Jersey.

Most of those who crossed the aisle on the bill did so not out of some high-minded belief in bipartisanship and civic duty, but because they think their districts will benefit from some of the expensive projects being funded and that this will feather their own political nests. In that sense, the 13 were acting like throwbacks to a bygone era of congressional deal-making. They traded favors regardless of how it affected the country in order to profit politically by playing the heroes bringing home the bacon to their districts. Read Full Story

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