Tucker Carlson Releases Jan. 6 Footage

Tue Mar 7, 2023 AT 9:39 AM EST

Fox News host Tucker Carlson did it. He released the unedited footage of the January 6 riot, part of the 41,000 hours of footage given to him by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. News of this disclosure sent liberal America into full tantrum mode because they knew all the false narratives about that day would be eviscerated. Carlson wasted no time, dispensing with the ongoing myth that this day was worse than 9/11 or the Pearl Harbor attacks. It was, at times, chaotic and violent, but we knew why Democrats didn’t want this footage released. It was mainly a tedious exercise. 

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people entered the Capitol Building only to sightsee, take local newspapers off tables, and walk around their building. They revere the institution, protesting because they thought the 2020 election was stolen. Whether they’re right or wrong is irrelevant; you can hold incorrect opinions. Just ask any Democrat. And yet, this event was weaponized by the Department of Justice to carry out retribution on behalf of the political class. We have scores of people imprisoned for mere trespassing, serving sentences that escape most violent criminals nowadays. Read Full Story

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